Aaron Davis

Student Interest Survey

This student interest survey could be used for middle and high school. It is a basic questionnaire that lets the students answer the questions. There are no options for them to choose from, they just write in what they want in response to the questions. This survey would not be able to find out what their learning styles are or what they strengths are in the classroom. It would best be used to just find out more about your students and who they are and what they enjoy.

Multiple Intelligences Survey
This specific MI survey is designed for high school students. There is a detailed formula that the students will use in order to determine their strengths in the classroom. I like this survey for my students because they are given many different sections in which to provide responses. At the end of the questions, they are to tally up the numbers they put down and discover their strengths.

Learning Styles Survey
This learning style survey gives the students 30 questions to assist them in finding out which learning style they have. This survey would be done on the computer and once they are finished with it, they will submit their responses and the website will notify them of the learning style based on their responses to the questions. The questions or scenarios given cover many different areas that most students can easily identify with. I plan on giving this exact survey to my students in the fall in hopes it will assist them and me in their learning.

Student Created Survey


Kathy Ewing

Interest Survey: http://teacher.scholastic.com/LessonPlans/unit_roadtosuccess_invent.pdf
This interest survey is made up of 15 questions that students can answer about themselves. Some of the following questions asks students some of their favorite things along with the types of activities they prefer to do in class. This survey gives educators valuable information on their students interests as well as their home lives. This interest survey will gather data analysis that allows teachers to find out what their students likes and dislikes are in order to engage them in the classroom setting.

Learning Styles Survey: http://www.learning-styles-online.com/inventory/questions.asp
This learning styles survey is made up of seven pages of ten questions. It determines what kind of learning style a student is. This questionaire asks all sorts of questions including the strengths and weaknesses of students as well as their interests. This questionaire would be great for high school students. They have to decide if each statement in the questionaire is exactly like them, partially like them, or nothing like them. At the end of the questionaire it asks students a few more questions about themselves that they fill in such as their gender, age, etc. The results are then e-mailed to the students e-mail accounts. This questionaire gives educators insight into what type of learning styles their students are allowing them to best meet their students needs by concluding their strengths and weaknesses.

Multiple Intelligences Survey: http://www.nedprod.com/Niall_stuff/intelligence_test.html
This multiple intelligences survey asks a series of yes or no questions for each multiple intelligence category designed from Gardner's multilple intelligences. Once the questions have been answered students can then submit them and then receive scores in each category. For instance someone might score a 91 perecent in the interpersonal category and a 46 percent in the logical-mathematical category. This determines the amount of strengths a person has in a particular type of learning style or intelligence area. This would be great for high school students because it allows them to read through their results immediatly. Educators can then have the students print off their results and they can then be discussed in class. This survey is not time consuming and gives immediate feedback allowing teachers and students to put the results to good use right away.

Learning Profile Inventory: http://faculty.citadel.edu/hewett/web_files/interest_inventory_and_background_information.html
This profile inventory asks students questions about their interests, but also includes questions about their background. It asks students their age, along with background and personal information such as what their lives are like at home. It asks questions about their parents occupations along with references to reading as a child. This might give some insight to what students childhoods were like. Although this profile is geared towards English class it asks some valuable questions for all educators to learn about their students in order to help them succeed in their classroom.

All of the above inventories I believe would work well with high school students grades nine and ten.

Eric Westling's Surveys

Interest survey
The student interest survey I selected would work for students from middle school to 12th grade.The survey would be used mainly for identifying topics for a teacher to talk about with certain students and simply know more about their class.They survey asks about friendships, “favorites”, admiration, etc.It is 17 questions long and could easily be done in ten minutes.

Learning styles survey

The learning style survey that I selected is defiantly appropriate for freshmen and sophomores.The survey included how students learn and communicate their learning style.Survey takers are given a three pint ranking system and asked to rank 60 statements.From these statements, the survey taker learns what percent of three styles of learner they are: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.They survey then breaks down what each category means and what students might do if they score high on a certain learning style.

Multiple intelligences survey

This multiple intelligence survey is appropriate for middle school students through 10th graders.The survey asks a variety of both education and daily activity questions and asks the person taking the survey to rank how accurate each statement is about them.After the student takes the survey they are given which intelligences apply to them.The scores also explain what the type of intelligence is and what it means for them as a student.They survey uses 56 statements to gage where the student is at and it is online.The survey covers a variety of statements which range from liking to go to the zoo to how much the individual loves to work on puzzles.

Learning profile inventory

Canfield’s Learning Style Inventory uses a variety of questions to discern student’s ability to succeed in twenty different categories.I believe this inventory to be appropriate for 10th to 12th graders simply because some of the questions asked in the inventory involve classes that typical freshman students may not know exist yet.Other than course work, however, I do believe that the inventory would be beneficial for freshman.The inventory asks questions about students understanding of effective teaching and classes to learning styles they prefer.After students answered questions, they have a formula to complete to tell them which learning styles work well for them and how effective others may or may not be which may or may not go with or against their perceptions as learners.

Michele Cahoone

Student Interest/Get to know you survey: http://www.scribd.com/doc/19480425/Get-to-Know-You-Survey
I believe this to be a well-written student interest survey. It seems to be written more for a middle school class. However, if you take out the drawing component, it would work in my ninth and tenth grade classroom. I also liked how there was a cell phone/home phone number area. Sometimes parents change cell phone numbers often and the students know the number but the office does not. This is a great way to obtain them. I also ask for updates at the beginning of the second semester.

Multiple Intelligences: http://www.bgfl.org/bgfl/custom/resources_ftp/client_ftp/ks3/ict/multiple_int/index.htm
This was a great site since it not only explained about the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, it contained a test, and also contained a worksheet to take notes on. It is more geared towards secondary but the age range varies to include age eleven with in the test.

Learning Styles: http://www.acceleratedlearning.com/method/test_launch.html
This was a nice site to use as a jumping off point. They were however, tying to sell their learning products. It did give descriptions for the Theory of Multiple Intelligences and explain how people learn.

My survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3GCY5FH

Jesse Blunn

I found this website after typing in interest survey into Google. I like it because it is straight forward and easy to fill out. It has good answers and you can go right down and pick answers right out.
For my health class it is important for me to find out what kids are interested in because we do a health career project and this will help me with some of the students.
This is a very basic survey that will help with learning styles. It gives a lot of options and then you can submit the information for the results. It then gives you clues how to help yourself or whoever took the survey. I like it because we could go to the computer lab and then have the kids work with computers to learn about themselves. We could then print out the information for the students to take home to their parents.
This is a good website because we can do the same thing with the students like I suggested with the link above. The students can take this with technology and the technology can synthesize their answers and give them a response.
This website is very in depth and I can give to my students. I like it because it asks questions about they get along with peers and teachers and none of the previous website have had that. This can be useful because sometimes you get students and you don’t understand what is going through their head.