As I look over our differentiation Station Social Network that we have developed as a group I find myself thinking of many ideas and ways that I can use the information I have learned in this course to this upcoming school year. Technology will be a major factor this year when I begin to do differentiation instruction in my classroom. I have learned that interest surveys, readiness surveys, and learning profiles are a must to find out where students rank. I want to use more of these tools that we have all found online in my classroom to ensure the success of my students. I will be making more frequent trips to the computer lab this year with my students! I believe through using technology I will be able to meet the divers learning needs of each of my students. Computers can help my students with language barriers, as well as learning disabilities. Computers will allow my students to find the information they need in order to learn the content.

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Katherine Ewing

Hello Group!
Here are some more resources I found:
(This one is great! It is someones wiki, and has links to videos and all other types of things. Spent a while exploring this one!)


That web20guru site is amazing. I too have been spending some quality time on that site getting some great ideas.